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Press kit 2016

nanoFlowcell AG Achieves Breakthrough in Flow Cell Technology

  • nanoFlowcell® makes electric drive suitable for everyday use and fit for the environment
  • nanoFlowcell® systems are an environmentally friendly form of energy supply and energy storage - powerful, safe to use, harmless to health, kind to the environment and with zero harmful emissions
  • The performance of nanoFlowcell® is orders of magnitude better than conventional batteries, accumulators or flow cells
  • nanoFlowcell® has enormous application potential on land, on water and in the air
  • It costs less than 10 euro cents per litre to produce the energy carrier on an industrial level


nanoFlowcell AG Presents Breakthrough in Electromobility

  • nanoFlowcell® makes electromobility fit for everyday and the environment
  • Record-breaking QUANTiNO electric vehicle takes centre stage in Geneva
  • Flow-cell-based nanoFlowcell® drive offers a new route to electromobility - environmentally compatible electrolytes produce electricity without harmful emissions


QUANTiNO granted road licence – nanoFlowcell AG plans road tests

First low-voltage electric vehicle with nanoFlowcell® drive is licensed for road use in Europe. First test drives planned for 2016.

  • QUANTiNO is the world's first low-voltage EV with road licence
  • nanoFlowcell® drive enables ranges of more than 1,000 km
  • nanoFlowcell® uses ecologically harmless ionic liquids for zero-emissions electricity production


nanoFlowcell AG: QUANTiNO débuts as the first production-ready low-voltage electric vehicle equipped with the nanoFlowcell® powertrain

As the first street-legal low-voltage EV of the QUANT series, the QUANTiNO with nanoFlowcell® powertrain is premiering in its “near standard” configuration at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. Following further pre-production tests during the first half of 2016, nanoFlowcell AG is now considering a small-batch production run.


nanoFlowcell AG Plans to Construct "QUANT City" in Switzerland

Schaan/Tenero, 9th October 2015 - nanoFlowcell AG's plans for 2016 include the construction of a state-of-the-art research and development centre named "QUANT City" in Tenero in the Swiss canton of Ticino. Over an area of 25,000 square metres, the activities at QUANT City will be devoted to research into and further development of flow cell technology and the testing of new applications for the nanoFlowcell®, in which - to put it in very simple terms - two ionic fluids generate electricity by means of a chemical process. Subject to the contract being signed for the purchase of the site, completion is planned for 2018. Between 150 and 200 new jobs are expected to be created at the site in Ticino for engineers, researchers and lawyers, jobs that will indirectly create or safeguard around a further 2,500 jobs with suppliers and service providers in the area around Ticino.