nanoFlowcell press office
Press kit 2016

nanoFlowcell Plans Stock Market Flotation

  • nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd founded in London
  • nanoFlowcell IP AG moved from Lichtenstein to Switzerland
  • Successful prototype tests confirm investor interest in future-safe energy-storage technology
  • Analyst statement: “nanoFlowcell will revolutionise electric mobility.”
  • Stock market flotation envisaged for nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd in 2017 


nanoFlowcell AG Achieves Breakthrough in Flow Cell Technology

  • nanoFlowcell® makes electric drive suitable for everyday use and fit for the environment
  • nanoFlowcell® systems are an environmentally friendly form of energy supply and energy storage - powerful, safe to use, harmless to health, kind to the environment and with zero harmful emissions
  • The performance of nanoFlowcell® is orders of magnitude better than conventional batteries, accumulators or flow cells
  • nanoFlowcell® has enormous application potential on land, on water and in the air
  • It costs less than 10 euro cents per litre to produce the energy carrier on an industrial level


nanoFlowcell AG Presents Breakthrough in Electromobility

  • nanoFlowcell® makes electromobility fit for everyday and the environment
  • Record-breaking QUANTiNO electric vehicle takes centre stage in Geneva
  • Flow-cell-based nanoFlowcell® drive offers a new route to electromobility - environmentally compatible electrolytes produce electricity without harmful emissions


QUANTiNO granted road licence – nanoFlowcell AG plans road tests

First low-voltage electric vehicle with nanoFlowcell® drive is licensed for road use in Europe. First test drives planned for 2016.

  • QUANTiNO is the world's first low-voltage EV with road licence
  • nanoFlowcell® drive enables ranges of more than 1,000 km
  • nanoFlowcell® uses ecologically harmless ionic liquids for zero-emissions electricity production